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Thread: Fellow CCA member selling an E36 M3 ...

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    Fellow CCA member selling an E36 M3 ...

    I was driving around when my eye caught a white M3 sitting on the side of the road, for sale sign on it's windshield. On a whim, I pulled over. The car was in a very nice shape, very clean, nice rims, NCC tags... On another whim, I called the number on the sign.

    The conversation was a bit weird - the car has 73,000 miles, but the guy would not name a price. He said he has no idea and asked for an offer.

    I have no idea what so ever what a car like that would sell for, and the whole thing started on whim, so I'm not sure I even want to make an offer ...

    What do you guys think about replacing my 03 330ci with E36 M3? It will be my daily driver with quite some traffic to deal with. If I can get the car cheap, I might do it ... What do u think a car like that would realistically cost??

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    E36 M3s hold their value fairly well, so do your homework when figuring out a price.

    If you do a lot of commuting, I would think the 330ci would be a lot more comfortable
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    If you don't pull the trigger, please give me the contact information.

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    The 330ci and E36 M3 are both nice drivers in my opinion

    If indeed one is interested in any 73,000 mile M3, I would consider budgeting a few thousand for deferred maintenance items like rear trailing arm bushings, suspension bushings, rear shock tower mounts, transmission mount bushings, front control arm bushings, guibo coupling, O2 sensors, water pump, shocks . . . Check that the head unit controls function properly; I bought a 1998 M3 sedan circa 2003 with 16,000 miles that had an annoyingly faulty volume control knob issue.

    Happy hunting!

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    I guess it depends on whom you ask...

    If you ask on Bimmerforums, they'll say it's worth about $.25... Basically because they're a bunch of borke kids, that only see cars with 200K miles and are completely beat...

    If you look on Autotrader or the CCA classifieds, it's probably worth $11-14K, again depending on maintinance history and the results of a pre-purchase inspection.

    I've been toying with selling my M3. Original owner, 72K miles, supercharger, BBS wheels, tons of other mods and upgrades. and was going to ask $16.5K You can come by and take a look, and put it on the lift in may garage... (OBTW, it's been the most reliable car I've ever owned...)

    Just saying.
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