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Thread: Rockville - Autowerke/Autoy

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    Rockville - Autowerke/Autoy

    I am a recent BMW owner and am not an expert on the cars but I have had an excellent experience using Autowerke/Autoy in Rockville. Dave, the owner, as well Chris, one of the technicians, are always willing to spend the time to explain what's going on and to give advice. Their rates are comparable to the dealer rates but I feel I get a better value.

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    Recommended shops...

    I'm glad you found Autoy/Autowerke. I've been a customer of theirs for over 25 years. I personally recommend them very highly.
    Roger Byrd - BMWCCA 335783

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    They are a very nice group of people. What I liked the one time I was there was they actually are out racing a 2002.

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