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Thread: Is it important which shop does an allignment?

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    Is it important which shop does an allignment?

    I just replaced the front tires on my 2000 328Ci. The right front was worn on the outside edge. Estimates for the price of allignment range from $189 at BMW, $149 at NTB, $89 at Goodyear and $79 at Autowerkes.

    Aside from the aura of service from a dealer, is there any reason pro or con for having an allignment done at a particular shop?

    The tire stores mentioned are good enough for American cars, but are they able to service BMW properly? Autowerkes in Fallston apparently has a good reputation for working on BMW, M-B and Porsche.

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    It mostly depends on the operator and when the alignment machine was last calibrated.
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    Autowerks is a good independent shop up in that area. Nice guys too.

    We do have the top-of-the-line Hunter allignment rack AND we weight the car the proper way. We will also allign the car to whatever specs you want.

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