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Thread: Wheel repair in NOVA

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    Unhappy Wheel repair in NOVA

    My car had to sit outside (covered) this winter and I wasn't around to clean off the salt and brake dust (college). As such, there is a lot of corrosion and it seems that they need to be refinished; I've spent the past hour on one wheel and it still looks pretty bad.

    I found this thread, but I was wondering if there was somewhere closer to Arlington that does repairs. Does Wagen Works handle wheels?
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    Ye Olde Wheel shop in MD

    was recommended to me when I was looking for someone to repair my wheels. They needed fairly extensive work and I ended up shipping them to the Wheel Collision Center to be fixed. I don't have them back yet so I cannot comment on the quality of their work.

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    Wheel Collision Center, I thought, does an exchange via UPS. I got a rim for my Audi and it was oem quality. Wheel Worx has a good rep, but never tried them; they want ~$125 for a media blast/refinish. Ye Ol'...also did a nice refinish/straightening of another rim (not an exchange) not badly bent I think for around $100. Radial Tires is a great store, they actually use a hammer to straighten but only if very slight damage; they won't do refinishing.
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