The LoveMercedes Tour Sept17-19

Anyone going to this? I am signed up for Sept 19th at like 11am. It's going to be held at Fed Ex. Yeah, I know this is a BMW forum, but heck it's off topic. I'd like to see what the three pointed star has out there.

I had my friend's CLK 430 for a weekend and really liked it a lot! Gorgeous car (it got a LOT of looks)-comfy, handled well, great power, nice stereo, very solid. Low speed steering stinks and feels REALLY weird but it is a great boulevard cruiser.

Another buddy brought his C240 with newer interior design cues that same weekend and I liked that a lot too-even for a 2.4 L 6 with less power than the E46 325, it had GREAT bottom end torque-felt stronger than the 325.

They make some great looking cars but it seems the quality isn't the way it used to be back in the day. There were a few little malfunctions in the CLK 430 with the one of the windows, sunroof, and power seat. I guess Chrystler rubbed off on them...

Funny thing was when I was driving the CLK, there were quite a few E36s and E46s that wanted to race me or all of a sudden floored it to blow by me. Weird thing being the "enemy." :lol: