Howdy everyone! My name is Robert Billek and I'm a new member to the nccbmwcca! I purchased my first ever car, my E39 540i/6, in August of 2013. I had turned 18 in July and bought myself a gift with the money I made working in high school. It was from an original owner with a solid 163k miles on it. I bought it to spite my mother, who wasn't excited to see me "waste my money." It was obviously a fixer upper if an 18 year old can afford a BMW. I've replaced a lot of the car, I refer to it as a brand new old car. I'm very proud of my BC Racing coil overs I installed. I'm actually waiting to get my car back from a body shop as I'm writing this. It was rearended a few weeks ago (poor car!) but all is fine and taken care of now. The trauma is over. I joined the club to get into racing, when people ask about what I want to do I proudly tell them I'm a race car driver (with 0 experience) although I'm currently pusuing a degree in business administration and an intern at an investment firm in Timonium. I want to one day own a business where I'm surrounded by fast cars everyday. Feel free to talk to me anytime, I've got plenty of horror stories in the short <6 months of owning the car. I'm excited to attend loads of events and become as active as possible in the club. I'd love to talk about anything and meet new people contact as you wish! My email is