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Thread: NCC MD license Plate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mythurin View Post
    Tad frustrating isn’t it?

    If you don't mind me asking, about how long did it take? Was there any communication at all? I haven't heard/received an email from anyone.

    I'm guessing that's normal haha..

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    I have been arguing back and forth with the individual responsible for the Plates for several months. I even offered to take over the process as it is completely defunct. It is frustrating that one of the "perks" of being a CCA member is the plates, and I honestly don't know if the other perks are worth maintaining a membership if simple stuff cannot be accomplished in a timely fashion.

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    If chapter plates are seen a a major draw/perk of membership, I think you need to change your focus! I've followed the tribulations of members seeking the tags, and wish there was a more timely process. You could live in VA, where the process of making them available has proven even more difficult. Hang in there!
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    Im in the same boat as above ^^^^

    Though I enjoy all the benefits and club activities I would be lying if having a club plate isn’t part of it. I signed up August 2017 for a plate, a year later I got an email that a plate was available. Now August 2019 and it’s been email tag for all of it. I have gotten everything from application lost in the mail, put in the wrong pile, pick up at the mva (wasn’t there) etc etc. It’s a frustrating process and I’m accepted that I probably won’t get one.

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    I met Billy at the New Members GTG in Stirling Va In Feb gave him my info and drove to Glen Burnie and picked up my tags a few days later....wasn’t a big problem for me

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    Im in the same boat, I filled out the application for club tags in 2017 with no response, 2018 3 months before my registration was expiring(no response), and just filled out another application 2 months ago along with a private message to whoever is in charge of it with no response. Does anyone have updated contact information for whoever is in charge of processing the applications? When I applied for club tags(bmw 0325, bmw 0326, bmw 0327) back in 2005, the process was very quick with 1 email request. Anyway, thank you in advance for any type of response.

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    E92terp , Reaper I need the name you used for the app so I can find you and you’ll see a tag this week. Make sure your address is correct.
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    Billy Dixon
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    Billy - My current scenario now permits me to take responsibility for the license tags. It appears this club function has floundered for some time. How may I resume responsibility for them? My email is I want to clean up the process so that dissatisfied members totally disappear. Bob Stern. BMW 0868
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    Got my plates last Wednesday. Appreciate the help Billy.

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    Billy, I sent you a msg. I have not received the form in the mail.

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