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    Lightbulb Trunk Light

    I thought I was so smart when I replaced the trunk light bulb in my new (to me) 1997 Z3 2.8. I did notice, briefly, when I removed the light, that the wires were not connected. I thought I might have pulled it out too roughly. So, I put in the new bulb, connected the wires, the light worked, and I closed the lid. I guess I was not surprised, when I next tried to start the car, to find the battery dead. After a jump start, all was fine. When this happened a second time, I realized that there was a problem. Likely the light switch was faulty. But where is the switch?

    My new friends at the local BMW parts counter knew the answer - the light switch is built into the trunk latch mechanism. For the small price of about $50 and 15 minutes of my work, the new trunk latch is now installed. This time, when I put the light bulb into the holder, I could hear the micro-switch making and breaking. The problem seems to be solved.

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    Ahh, it seemed so simple - but the battery went dead again. I put my iphone into the trunk with video recording. Closed the lid. The light stayed on.

    Could it be that a wire is grounding somewhere in the trunk lid, or where the loom flexes, preventing the new latch switch from breaking the circuit. Pressing on the switch plunger does not turn off the light.

    Now, I know why the light socket wires were disconnected by the previous owner.

    Does anyone have experience with this situation?

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