Alright everyone, My Birthday is on 11/30 ( Tomorrow) but I have decided that since its too short of a notice for everyone to do anything tomorrow, we should just celebrate next Saturday instead which is (December 7th).

For Everyone in Maryland, the meeting point for us to just BS and a few drinks (to round up everyone) will be at the Green Turtle in Aberdeen @ 4pm.

From the Green Turtle we will leave at 5:30pm and head to the Philly Art Gallery (We should reach their by 7pm or maybe sooner).

(Caravan to the Art Gallery)

From the Art Gallery we will then Caravan to "The Roxxy" night club in Philly and have fun.

(Caravan to Roxxy Night Club)

Anyone who ends up drinking too much, do not worry, there are enough people who can help drive your cars to an either safe spot or back home. If anyone has to leave their cars, I will gladly bring you to Philly to get your cars the next day. No biggie, that's what friends are for.

To all of the BMW owners.. Bring your BMWS so we can Caravan to "The Roxxy" in style

I hope everyone will come.