Recently faced the challenge of dealing with two damaged winter tire wheels, 19" Breyton Race GTS in black, one 8.5" wide and one 9.5" wide. The Bridgestone Blizzaks were not compromised; just the wheels. Both (as usual) were damaged on the inside; one just a bit, one quite a bit. I used Kwicksilver (703 399 4772 or 703 399 4256). An unusual thing about Kwicksilver (Note: Cora or one or two others might answer the phone) is that for now they operate out of two mobile repair trailer units parked at a storage lot on Eisenhower, in Alexandria. Low overhead; has to be good. Their routine charge is, as I understand it, $150/wheel for a major repair.

The less bent wheel cooperated and got straightened. All's well. The other wheel cracked at the rim while being rounded out. I was in a panic; short time line and no where to go. Kwicksilver suggested I call H+H Machine Co, Inc. located in Capitol Heights, MD. You can call them at 301 736 6886. I called Bill at H+H and the great thing was that he agreed to repair the wheel within two hours: straighten to round, weld the crack. I have to say that the H+H shop is straight out of the movies. Everything from the shop building to the front yard full of derelict and antique machinery is, well: too cool.

All important is that the wheel got repaired in about an hour...thereafter I had it mounted up and balanced; it's working fine. It did come with repairs unpainted, so I handled that with some spray paint. Not a big deal, at least for me. Basic welding repair price: $85...I paid $100 to include completing the rounding process that Kwicksilver stopped when the wheel cracked. (PS: no charge from Kwicksilver for their work trying to fix the wheel that eventually cracked.)

To summarize: I was faced with a big challenge due to a short time line and two damaged wheels. Between Kwicksilver and H+H I was able to get two damaged wheels repaired, all done in two days. I'm happy.

If you want/need more details, please call me at 760 583 1115...I'm back in California now. Cheers.