As a chapter I think a chapter festival needs to get started/created. Which means something FUN and EXCITING to do. I noticed at Benjis that we have all age groups and a diversity of personalities which is great under one roof. But yet so distant and in our own personal world which needs to change.

Since no one else has come up with anything for a Chapterfest, and I have the slightest clue on what it consist of, I suggest that we do Gettysburg one weekend together. Maybe even spend 1 night and have breakfast in the morning together. And during the night we go out to the creepy land and look at scary things. (Just a though) or something fun. I personally love to go out clubbing, and I would LOVE to show off our cars like at the power plant, or fells point, federal hill, Etc.. But if we do Chapterfest or anything together, we should have NCC BMW CCA Flags that represent us as a team/family, and that not only we support our Club but also have pride.

I don't feel the energy in our group and I plan on changing that, but I have noticed a lot of lack of communication. Some of our NCC guys caravanned with others (which was great) but no one posted on what they were doing but then yet showed up. Some posted (but not everyone).. But we need to get more active with each other, more involved with each other if we are to take full advantage of being BMW Car Club.

Ok I said my 3 cents.