I'm an old BMW enthusiast and fanatic BMW loyal customer, had countless number of BMW's and now decided to joint to this forum to help guys like me finding stuff like accessories & parts, pre-owned cars (where to buy and how to inspect it before buying), do-yourself stuff and also help with any customized projects (what I'm very into it and good at it).
I'm a Master ASE Tech, do have access to lots of information and do want to help out BMW guys!
Recently went to Germany to take the "European Delivery" of a brand new custom ordered 550xDrive, and couple of days ago went to Greenville, SC to pick it up at BMW Performance Center... both events are an amazing experience that I do recommend to any BMW guy.
I just applied online here for the especial Maryland National Capital Chapter License Plates member on Monday 08, 2013 and had no answers by this far.
I don't know yet if the order was taken or anything else is need from me, so if anyone can help me out with some answers, it will be very much appreciated
And by the way my name is Rick