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Thread: Independant BMW service facility in the Hagerstown, MD area

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    Independant BMW service facility in the Hagerstown, MD area

    I'm posting for a member of the Chicago. IL area chapter who will be moving to the Hagerstown, MD area in the near future. He's looking for an independent repair facility for his BMWs. The facility should be familiar with the older BMWs, he has an 88 E30 M3 as well as a couple of late model BMWs.

    Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated.

    James Laws
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    Sorry to say, I'm aware of no BMW tech experts doing business in the Hagerstown area. I moved here about about 18 months ago from Alexandria VA. Fortunately, I do most car work myself. If it's serious, I return to my favorites in the DC area. The closest dealers and independents are 75 to 90 minutes away (in good traffic) in DC and Baltimore area. It's much easier to find Chevy experts in these parts.

    John Hartge

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    What about York Automotive in Mt. Airy? I haven't done anything with them since 2006, but they certainly knew what they were doing on my E28, when I had it dyno'ed to see what a Mark D'Sylva chip was producing. The owner was also racing BMWs at Summit Point at that time. Might want to give them a call. (301) 831-7337

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