Not really sure what section to post this in, so I'm putting it here in DIY. (Steven, please feel free to move as necessary.)

I received a few emails about hosting another Z3 Fix It Day ...

So I guess it's time to plan another one! Let's pencil in April 20, 2013.

I'll update this thread as more details emerge.

  • I now have a wholesale WorldPAC account. If you need parts for your car, just let me know before and I'll have them there. Good for normal wear and tear items like brakes, rotors, wipers, etc. Not great for pesky dealer parts. Of course, all I ask is to be reimbursed at my cost.
  • Additionally, I have a wholesale AMSOIL account. Again, just reimburse for my cost and I'll get you whatever you need.
  • If you'd like to use this (no, not the paperweight), you need to plan with me ahead of time.
  • I expect that we can fill this with old stuff.
  • And plenty of air to be provided by this.
  • If you want me to inspect or refresh a differential, I'd be very happy to do so if you bring it OUT of the car.

Cheers, and Happy New Year!

Jonathan Thayer

Added 02/13/2013:

For those who have been asking, the location is Haymarket, VA. I'll post more details as it gets closer.

Added 03/05/2013:

I've talked to the guys at Dentmasters, and they will have a PDR tech or two coming by to answer questions and take care of some small repairs.