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Thread: Monterey Historics

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    Monterey Historics

    We're planning a trip to the Historics in Monterey, CA this year after an absence of several years. I recall seeing a large BMW area in year's past. Anyone know which Chapter organizes that and if people from other chapters can get in? Nice to have some place other than the grandstands to hang...

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    I'm told that Golden Gate Chapter and Sacramento host a corral. Nothing about this year yet.
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    For years, Golden Gate put on what they called BMW fest for the Historics weekend.

    I just looked at their website and there is no mention of it this year. You might want to go there:
    There is contact info for chapter officers you could get info from.
    I've have been to past events several times. My brother used to be a GGC member, but I don't think that is a necessity.
    They have a corral next to the track, a tent (shade), chairs, often a display of vintage
    BMWs. For more $, you can get a great catered lunch, nice t-shirts, etc.
    Highly recommended, as they say. Bill Riblett BMWCCA 2762

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