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Thread: 06/23/2012 - Pie Run XII w/ Wilson's Meat Pit Stop

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    Hey Zchild, I might have to help a family member move tomorrow so I wouldn't count on me meeting up, I just went from doing the coolest thing to the worst thing.

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    My Sally-Sue has a fuel issue so I had to leave her in Hanover in the hands of the AT-Speed folks for the weekend so i won't be making it this time either. We got the MAF and O2 sensor issues resolved only to find out at 5:00pm that there is yet another issue... Enjoy the trip!
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    Where in Tysons II are you guys meeting, I'll be there.

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    Magiano's most likely.

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    I had a great time as expected this pie pie run was a blast

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    Looks like a good time we'll try and make it.

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