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Thread: Warranty?

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    With newer BMW like I have one E60 550, need a warranty. If I have be able got away without on my E46, then this I don't think so.
    So I was thinking why BMW club doesn't not offer any warranty, may be work with one dealer in this chapter, that will help with big repairs.

    Also can anyone suggest where to buy extended warranty for my car (76,000 miles 2007 550)
    Please respond, let me know if it's possible.

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    Sounds like we have a volunteer to develop a warranty program for the club. I've never had a warranty on a car except the factory warranty on my last new one 25 years ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by woodym3 View Post
    Sounds like we have a volunteer to develop a warranty program for the club. I've never had a warranty on a car except my last new one 25 years ago.
    He said, chapter using one dealer. Let me know how that works out.

    Here's the reason the Club no longer has a roadside assistance program.
    Our members used the service far more than the National average.
    Rates are based on the National average.

    I suspect the same would be said with aftermarket warranty.
    Not saying that BMW vehicles required more than the National average, just BMW CCA owners did.

    If I ever have a new car again, I'll put money aside towards repair bills.
    I had 1 repair covers on your extended warranty I had for our Mini.
    Ended up being a $3000 fuel pump. $3000 because that's what the warranty cost.
    I could have replaced the fuel pump myself for a lot less and faster.
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