2012 Trophy Qualification Rules

We have decided on the following guidelines for 2012 trophy qualification:
  • All eleven classes are eligible to receive trophies.

  • A competitor must attend a minimum of four point events to qualify.

  • If a competitor chooses to attend all six events, his score will be based on his five best results.

  • Ten points are awarded for a first place finish, nine points for a second place finish, eight points for a third place finish, etc.

  • Trophies will be awarded to the top half of qualifying drivers in each classes not to exceed three trophies per class.

New for 2012: Most Improved Rookie Award

"Rookie" is defined as a participant that has three or less autocross events experience prior to January 1, 2012. This experience qualifier is not limited to NCC events and is inclusive of total autocross participation.

To qualify, the rookie needs to attend a minimum of four NCC Autocross point events.

The NCC Autocross committee will determine the best method for calculation at the start of the season. Calculations will be based on overall improvement in comparison to all event participants using a percentile system.