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Thread: BMW M5 Using Stereo to create engine "noise"

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    BMW M5 Using Stereo to create engine "noise"

    You have

    This is a total waste of BMW resources and audio engineer talent and I make this statement as a musician (drummer) and audio tech.

    "...ensures an even spread of sound across all five seats of the new BMW M5."

    Really? Who made this decision? Can we start a petition for BMW not to include this feature in the new M3?

    Umm, how about letting the engine do the talking and leave the stereo to playing my ipod.


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    It's completely asinine. Worse, it's not clear that you can disable it.
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    I would like a system to automatically play "Jukebox Hero" at max power whenever I passed 6k on the tach.

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    Damn it, they stole my idea. I have been working on a device that plays Ozzy Osboune's Crazy Train every time the turbo spools above 15psi. LOL.

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    I wonder what happens if you swap out to an aftermarket exhaust? Will the ECU know what the sound should be or does it need to be re-flashed?

    Hell, it will probably throw a code, you bring to dealership to find out why, they void your warranty and you're screwed!
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    I've heard this program in the Prius plays Barry Manilow,but only under full acceleration! .

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