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Thread: VIR DE Labor Day Weekend (Friday through Sunday)

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    VIR DE Labor Day Weekend (Friday through Sunday)

    PCA Potomac DE September 2-4. All run groups, all three days. Cost includes Saturday dinner at the track. The event is open to all marques. Given the particularly low registration this year, there will be even more track time.

    $245 Instructors/$395 students.

    For event information and registration, please contact
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    Full course? Labor Day weekend will be a tough sell, what with everything else that happens including the Baltimore GP. No BMW club chapter that I know of charges instructors anything. Good luck.
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    Instructors pay but only have one student. Lots more get signed off than at NCC events. People tend to pack up early on 3rd day. So workload is lighter for instructors. Students get a dedicated instructor. Advanced students get to solo. Price is a bargain for students.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gwilson View Post
    Price is a bargain for students.
    That it is. I need to hook up with First Settlers Region at VIR again.
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