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Thread: Recommendations for a pre-purchase inspection (Fairfax/Centreville/Chantilly)

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    Recommendations for a pre-purchase inspection (Fairfax/Centreville/Chantilly)


    Can anyone recommend a place for a pre-purchase inspection in the Fairfax/Centreville/Chantilly area?

    Also, here is the car that I am looking at:

    Do you think that I would be crazy to buy this car?



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    You're buying it just in time to do some maintenance work!
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    Not sure I would buy one with that NAV. Difficult to upgrade and no where as good as a $150 Garmin
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    I used RRT to do my PP car inspection on the E36 M3 i purchased. They did a thorough job and know their BMWs.
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    I am thinking I may pass on this one. The Carfax came up with a minor accident, and I noticed that the car had an oil change sticker in the window that showed it was filled with 5W-30, not the M3 recommended oil. What do you all think? Should I pass? I would really like to find a car with more history than this one, but it is in my price range.

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    I used to own a shop and generally speaking if a person goes cheap on oil he will go cheap on everything else too. Why take a chance? Especially with an engine that would cost arm and a leg to repair if something goes wrong. It looks to me like you are getting a car that most likely had no maintenance done other than some mickey mouse stuff...I also agree with the nav being shit, btw the cd changer is shit too. I would get one without it, and go with garmin or motionx app for a smart phone which is even cheaper than garmin but with frequent updates and since it's on your phone you don't have to carry another contraption around...

    Also, you will get a better deal by getting a car from a private party, you meet the owner and you can get a feel for the person and how much they cared for the car. A dealer will tell you what you want to hear...

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    I am new in Chantilly so i don't have any idea the Recommendations for a pre-purchase inspection.basically i use shop to purchase any thing..
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    I usually check vehicle VIN before buying with Vinchain service . I think they are actually better than Carfax. Vinchain has everything you can find in Carfax and pictures of vehicles. One of my friends recommended that I receive VIN reports from Vinchain Blockchain, and I am very pleased with their services. You can use VINCHAIN Vehicle History Service for a limited time for free, they have some sort of promotion

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