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Thread: Fulton, MD Cars & Coffee 6-18-11 *lots of pictures*

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    Fulton, MD Cars & Coffee 6-18-11 *lots of pictures*

    I just saw an add for this meet on this site the other day. Since I didn't have any races this weekend and this being 10mins from my house, I decided to check it out with my Civic and my dad brought his Z4. I was actually surprised with the turnout for the first meet, bunch of real nice cars. Looking forward to the next ones as I'm sure more and more people will be out. It was nice meeting a few new faces.

    I hope this is a good place to post these pictures. Any moderators feel free to move this to an appropriate section. Also, feel free to share these pictures amongst other forms.

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    Thanks for the pics. Many of those cars were also at MPact today. I was there setting up early, so I couldn't attend today, but will be there next week (I hope).

    Was that a red Fiat 500?
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    Yeah that's a Fiat 500 lol. The owner let me sit in it and it actually feels fairly spacious inside. Neat little car.

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    I didnt know that they are selling those FIATs in the US yet. Mmmmm...

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    Oh by the way are those clouds and rain in MD LoL Here in Phoenix AZ we sun everyday no rain no clouds just just 106 or 110 degree weather...nice

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    these picture's are mindblowing dude.

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