My race team, Cobra Kai, is heading for its second full-day race, the Chump Car 25 hour at Nelson Ledges next month. We've had a couple of drivers back out, so we're looking to get a 5th. The car is a 1994 Volvo 940 (hey, this is crapcan racing) that, while far from special, is reliable enough that the only time we've spent in the paddock was from getting t-boned by another car. Also, since we saved some weight by cutting off things like the roof, it's not a complete slouch: we handle & brake better than anything but a Miata and are about midpack in power. The car looks pretty sweet in night racing trim without a roof, too.

Based upon the previous races we've done (24 Hours of LeMons Capitol Offense and Chump Car VIR 24 Hours), we've got a pretty good handle on what the overall expenses will be, and we expect this to come to less than $1,000 per driver all said & done. The only thing you need in addition to that is a good attitude (endurance racing makes for a long weekend) and race gear (suit, gloves, shoes, socks, SA helmet).

Not that this is real racing—it's not boring circle track stuff, nor are we doing demolition derby. It's just real, cheap, wheel-to-wheel racing. If you like HPDEs, you'll love racing. If you love HPDEs, you'll explode with happiness when night falls...nothing can match night racing. Here's a video from the Race Wagon at Capitol Offense back in May:

If you want more details, ask here or email me: my first name

-Drew Stephens