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    While I would prefer to do it myself, I am in need of a good and professional auto detailer. I have noticed a number of swirls on my hood and trunk so I need someone with experience in removing those.

    I live in Alexandria but am willing to go anywhere in the D.C. area for the right person. Any recs?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Check out NAB Auto Salon VA. 703-549-8338.

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    Details details details

    Check them out, they are in Rockville and did an amazing job on my E30. $95 for an exterior detail but they have monthly coupons.

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    I used Detailsdetailsdetails once and they did a pretty good job. I would have to recommend them. They did kinda miss some things on a friends older saab however. I took it that they had a bad day. They did what they had to do to make him happy in the end however so I think it all worked out. I was happy with what I got done though.
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    I'll gladly vouch for NAB International.

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    Looking for mobile detailer in Silver Spring, MD area

    Got a few people in my office that want to get detailed and need suggestions of who to contact in the area. We do not have the time to deal with anyone that isn't mobile and that can do 2-3 cars in one day.

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