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Thread: Coin-Op Self-Service car wash in VA?

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    Question Coin-Op Self-Service car wash in VA?

    Does anyone know of a coin-operated/self-service car wash in Northern Virginia?

    I don't think I've ever seen one up here (it seems like they were everywhere in NC). All I've been able to come across are detailing shops like NAB, and the E30 just isn't worth a $100 car wash in its current condition.

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    Coin Op Car Wash

    Rt 28 just a couple of miles from the Fairfax County line. It is on the left hand side as you head toward Manassas behind El Taco if I remember correctly.

    Dave Apker

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    There is also one on 234 Business about 2 miles south of route 66. It is in front of the Old Country Buffet.

    The one behind the El Taco on Rt. 28 is usually a little less crowded though.
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    Slightly away from where you mentioned but if you have DOD ID card there is one on Bolling AFB on 295 next to the autoskills shop. $2.00 for 4 minutes. But it has not so great pressure.

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    Blake Lane and Route 29 near Fairfax Circle. Gas station on the corner has 2 DIY bays. I should get a kick back from that place, 2nd time I've referred them.

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