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Thread: fuel tank leak

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    fuel tank leak

    Well with spring coming around I decided to enjoy my 635. I filled it up with fuel on return from a recent outting. I parked the car on our drive which has a slight incline. I sensed a strong smell of gas. I removed the trunk carpet, access panel covering the fuel punp and sensor expecting a failed gasket. But everything was bone dry. So looking around under the car I found dripping fuel on the side of the tank near the filler.

    The instructions to drop the tank in my Bentleys 528 manual looks straight forward. Any words of wisdom/advise before I venture forward ?
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    I've done quite a bit to the E24, but haven't yet droipped the tank. Try posting your question on either of these two sites where there are many more active E24 folk:

    Actually, it would be best to search the archives on the Roadfly site first. If that doesn't work, then post a question. And visit both often. If you work on your own car those sites are invaluable. Do you have the E28 Bentley manual?
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    While I haven't played with an E24, you can replace the fill and vent lines on an E30 without dropping the tank. I'd give that a shot before that. Dropping a full fuel tank is not fun.
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    Since the fuel seemed to be coming from the fuel filler side I removed the rubber gasket around the filler and cleaned the filler pipe and the tank seams where I could reach. Next I topped off the tank and raised the front of the car alittle and waited to see where the leak. No leak occured. The next day walking by the car I noticed a strong fuel smell. I found the vent lines were leaking fuel !. I have a good diagram from the Penskey parts site ( ) but my Bentley 528 manual does not have any instructions as to how to replace the lines. Would you tell me what you had to do to replace your vent lines ? Some advies would be appreciated. I'm pretty good with a wrench.

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    Thanks everyone for the advise and lead to roadfly. I found a great snip of info in the roadfly archives.

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