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    Anyone know of any Laser Car Washes in the area?

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    What area? Are you in VA or MD?

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    I'm in the Herndon area, but anywhere along 270 would work too.

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    This link has a 1.800 number to find one near you.

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    There is one in mclean but it really doesn't work all that well. I like it because it doesn't scratch the car (unlike those crummy typical ones with there huge giant oversized towel things)... but it doesn't get a lot of stuff off the car, never dries it sufficiently, and leaves the front and rear bumper dirty as it was when you entered

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    I've been going to the Brushless carwash for 7 years now and my bimmer looks as good as it did when I purchased it. I have never had any problems with Yates Carwash on Hwy 1. I've never tried Laser because I'm told they do a crappy job of cleaning. My only caution is that Yates tunnel exit is a steep drop to the street and if your car is lowered it my scrape slightly on the exit from the tunnel. Any who, just my two and a half cents.
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    I live near Yates; are they brushless?

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    Yates is brushless but not touchless. What I don't like about Yates is they use the same dirty towel to wipe off car after car after car. Not exactly cheap either.

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    Does anyone have any recommendations for car washes in Arlington, VA? I called the WashTech folks and they didn't have any locations there....

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