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Thread: Cat Back Exhaust Noise Dilemma

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    Cat Back Exhaust Noise Dilemma

    I have 2008 E92 335i with a cat back exhaust and resonators that I purchased and had installed by a local manufacturer (who I will not name - at this point).

    It seemed to be of high quality and things were hunky-dory. I've had the exhaust for about 6 months and about 6,000 miles (I don't drive the car that much).

    Recently, the exhaust has gotten really loud and the drone is just driving me crazy. At RPM's between 1800 and 2600, the drone is so annoying. So where am I going with this?

    It appears that the glass in the mufflers finally got packed or it disappeared altogether. My wife refuses to ride in the vehicle due to the droning. Can be good and bad.

    My question, does anyone know how to fix this, beside yanking out the current exhaust and replacing it with something quieter? I've read of people placing harmonic dampeners, but don't really know anyone that has done it. They look strange from underneath (not that anyone will see it, but it looks rather goofy).

    I'm open to ideas and suggestions before I have to bite the bullet and replace the mufflers or the entire setup.

    Edit: The manufacturer has a lifetime warranty, but I have to yank it out and ship to them (no car for who knows how long) and they'll inspect and replace, if defective.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Did u check over at e90post?

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    Unfortunately all exhausts deteriorate this way if glass packed. You can add more goods in the path (resonators, etc.), but that destroys the original purpose IMO. I highly doubt it would be worth it to get a new one from the manufacturer as the new one most likely will progress the same way.

    My suggestion would be to find someone with a more quiet exhaust to your suiting and work out a trade deal.

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    Given that you've named them in your sig, I don't know why you feel reluctant to state it in the post. At any rate, take it back to them and have them check it out.
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    Try http://www.mandrelbendingsolutions.c...template=about they are regarded as on of the best, and are in the area. The page doesn't mention installation, but they do do it on site. I'm sure they can fix your exhaust issue.
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    MBS does really nice work,this is their local website.

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