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Thread: Secondary air Pump

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    Angry Secondary air Pump

    Need Help,,,

    Autozone diagnosed "Service engine soon" light is caused by secondary air pump.

    So, I have it replaced and the light was turned off. Pump valve and hose were not replaced.

    But, the light came back. I still can hear loud noise coming from the pump for a minute on a cold start in the morning, which is a sign of failed pump I learned this website.

    Why do you think it is not OK? What should I check? It seems but I doubt that the new pump does not work.

    Thanks a lot.

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    What car, what engine? Could you have an air leak somewhere?
    Andy Miller
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    First, the autozone generic tools sometimes do not correctly display the proper BMW codes. You may be trying to hunt a problem that is completely different.

    Second, you won't get the airpump code if the airpump is running even if the exhaust valve is closed. In this case, you'd get an oxygen sensor response error code.

    I would:

    Wait until the light comes on and read it with a BMW reader;
    Ensure that the secondary air pump power connector is properly connected.
    Jonathan Thayer -
    '99 Imola Red M Coupe, '08 Interlagos Blue Z4M Coupe

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