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Thread: 09/25/2010 - 09/26/2010 - Summit Point "Main"-SCCA PDX/Track Trials Driving Event (*)

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    09/25/2010 - 09/26/2010 - Summit Point "Main"-SCCA PDX/Track Trials Driving Event (*)

    Summit Point “MAIN” Track days event
    SCCA PDX / Track Trials Driving Event

    Get over 2 hours of track time at a WDCR PDX event!
    Registration for the third PDX (Performance Driving Experience) of the season is still open. The schedule has been revamped for 2010 to allow Advanced and Intermediate Students (5) 30 minute driving sessions! That’s over two full hours of track time!*

    Beginner students will get (2) 20 minute sessions and (2) 30 minute sessions*, plus everyone gets the same amazing driving instruction (classroom and in-car) that the WDCR has always offered.

    Bring your street car out to explore the limits, and learn how to drive it safely and confidently on the road, or bring out your track toys and shake down the car at Main Track, or just come brush up on your skills.

    Register now by visiting the WDCR web site. –

    or DLB Racing! –

    Level 1 – PDX; Level 1 events are strictly non-competitive and are based on in-car and classroom instruction and practice of performance driving and car handling. You will learn about and practice performance driving and car handling. You learn at your own pace with the fun factor our main objective. Other than approved helmets, seat belts and a seat for the instructor, no other safety gear is required, though you will be required to wear long sleeve shirts and pants (so you can sweat just like a race care driver)! Some convertible cars do require a roll bar. A standard pre-event safety inspection by a qualified mechanical shop or proof of Annual Club Racing or Time Trials Technical Inspection, assures that your car is ready for the track. All drivers are provided with a Participation Log that is utilized by their instructor(s) to provide comments in, and is returned to the entrant at the end of the event. The Participation Log is presented by the driver in advanced levels to assist in placing the entrant in the proper run group. In the Washington DC Region program, we run PDX events on the Shenandoah Circuit and Main circuit at Summit Point Motorsports Park.

    Level 3 - Track Trials; Street cars no longer cut it at Track Trials. Only cars prepared for Road Racing or Solo events are allowed as speeds and intensity levels are higher. The tier-three program offers closed-course track time, with competitions again decided by fastest time around the course. Like Club Trials, competition time is run with no-passing and limited numbers of cars on track to ensure safety and "clear air" for all competitors. The DC Region runs Track Trials on the Summit Point Main circuit.

    NOTE: Novice Track Trial entrants will be provided a classroom session and a drive-around to familiarize themselves with the track prior to their initial runs. Entrants must be SCCA members, posses at least a Time Trials Novice permit, present a Time Trials Participation Log Book and have been cleared to “Solo” at a prior PDX event.

    For all you Soloists, the event on Fed Ex scheduled for Sun, 26 Sep 2010 has been rescheduled to Sun, 03 Oct 2010. Now you don't have any excuses for not participating in BOTH days of the PDX and Track Trials!!!

    Don't forget that we'll have a BBQ after the event on Saturday and that camping is allowed on Saturday night.

    Registration for the September 25-26 weekend is now open!
    * Unforeseen events could cause less than 30 minutes of time in any given session, Driver and Worker safety is always our priority.

    Additional information at:
    Or by email:
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