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Thread: September Forum Specials at Do it Yourself Mechanics!

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    September Forum Specials at Do it Yourself Mechanics!

    Just a shout-out to all you DIY guys/gals…Do It Yourself Mechanics is having a promotion during the month of September for all Forum members during the month of September!! It goes like this:

    · Free “Protection Gift Pack” for all First Time customers (incl. safety glasses, rubber gloves & bundle of rags),
    · Free ½ Hour lift time for all returning customers, and…
    · Another Free ½ Hour if you bring a friend to work on his car too!

    So, whether you've got a project in mind or just an oil change, the weather’s right, and now the time is right to get it done! Just give us your handle/email when you check in and you’re all set!

    Then you can say…I DID IT Do It Yourself Mechanics !!

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    Kudos to Ed at Do-It-Yourself Mechanics for being so accommodating. Ordered my parts through his shop and he kindly assisted me this past Sunday on the 528i. Clean shop, helpful and friendly staff, nuff said.

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