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Thread: E30 5-spd conversion?

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    E30 5-spd conversion?

    Anyone done it? I'm looking at buying an E30 and I found one with a great body but a blown automatic transmission. Since I don't want the Auto I figured what the hell I'll just swap the tranny out. Also plans are to put an M50 w/ s52 cams in it. Are the 5 spds the same in the E30 and E36? I know the clock position is a lilttle different. Do the M20 and M50 share bolt patterns? Thanks guys!


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    The bolt patterns are the same, if you use the G260 out of an E30, you'll need a custom trans bracket. The G250 (which is a piece of shit) and the ZF out of the E36es will bolt right up using the E30 manual bracket. The driveshaft for the ZF is any 4-bolt E36 M3 or 328i, which essentially means "not from the '95 M3."

    The hardest part about the conversion is honestly getting the pedal box in and out sometimes. I've found that it's VASTLY easier to get the box in with no pedals attached and then add them later.

    Finally, get your ass on That is the most extensive 24V E30 resource you'll find.
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