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    BMW Fairfax - Body Shop

    My M3 was a victim to that hail storm a month ago. I took my car here because they have a Dent Wizard tech.

    All dents removed, painted parts look nice (see how long it last), they detailed exterior and engine bay.

    Someone, they do not know who and claim no one but the tech I talked to touched the car, pulled the wires to my illuminated shift knob. Now they are hanging out of the boot.... That someone also decided to re-run my XM antennae wiring.... Interior was not as nicely detailed as everything else (spray spots from cleaner everywhere). I was already missing 1 plastic valve cover bolt cap, now both. The battery was dead when I went to pick up the car, thank god a good run re-charged it. It took them 5 weeks between communicating with the insurance and getting the work done (had 2 supplements put out).

    Despite that "someone" playing with my wiring, they did a good job on the outside. No other comment...

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    Paint on hood vents was not trimmed, I took the time to do this with a razor blade.

    They would not replace my shift knob because it is not repairable and they will not take responsibility for it.

    My sunroof was not reassembled correctly, the tech and I fixed it (Glad I got to work on my car rather than sit there for a few hours doing nothing.) Also found one of the rear courtesy lights was not re-connected from the first time.

    They replaced the side marker lens instead of cracked turn signal lens. They fixed this with no hassle.

    The battery was dead after I got home. Got a new battery from Passport and Fairfax is re-embursing me for it.

    Did not mention valve cover bolt cap as I didn't want to knick at every little thing I found wrong.

    New review: After getting everything squared away with the manager, it was a better experience. I'm still dissapointed about my shift knob. Had I known there would be problems, I would have took extensive pictures before I gave them the car so I would of had evidence of the interior mishap. Working with the tech was great, cool guy, same one that worked on my car the first time. I would somewhat recommend them now, although beware of shady things behind the office. I do believe the tech I worked with did not damage my shift knob but someone did and management cannot take disciplinary actions without the person confessing. Paint work looks good and cleans up real nice every wash.

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