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Thread: 09/25/2010 - Lovettsville Oktoberfest - PCA Event (*)

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    09/25/2010 - Lovettsville Oktoberfest - PCA Event (*)


    Oktoberfest Drive

    Event Chair: James Henry

    Meet Location: Elementary School on River Road in Potomac, MD, just north of Potomac Village and the intersection with Falls Road, on the right.

    Meet Time:

    Registration Cost: Free. Advance registration is not required but is requested for planning purposes.

    Other Cost: Gas, beer, brats. Tuba music.

    Rendezvous Point: Lovettsville Post Office Parking Lot

    Rendezvous Time:
    1:00 PM

    Stop Time: We will arrive around 12:30 PM - then stay as late as you like!

    Come join us for a multi-club drive through some of the prettiest roads in Maryland and Northern Virginia. We'll start at eleven, and get brats and beer when we end up at the Lovettsville Oktoberfest where we'll meet up with the Rally group for an impromptu car show on the town square! Join PCA, BMW Club, Audi Club, and Mercedes-Benz Club for a fun tour through some beautiful towns ending in Lovettsville for a multi-clubshow, beer, and brats!

    Registration: Offline by emailing John Eberhardt at, or online at the Drive and Dine - Registration page.

    Oktoberfest Rally

    When: Saturday, September 25. Meet at 10:00am. Drivers meeting will be at 10:15, first car off at 10:30.

    Where: Visitors Center at the Manassas Battlefield on Rt. 234 Manassas.

    Bring: $30 registration fee and a full tank of gas.

    Route: This 73 mile drive winds through scenic back roads of Virginia. The scenery is beautiful and the roads are challenging. Teams will have questions to answer based on things they will see along the route. They will also have photos that they will have to locate. This will be a true test of "multi-tasking".

    The annual Oktoberfest in Lovettsville, VA. This street festival will have tents of beer, wine, food and entertainment. There will also be vendors lining the main street with all sorts of hand-made goodies. We will be meeting up with other PCA members who are participating in a Drive-and-Dine, culminating in a car show with all our beautiful Porsches.

    This rally will have a "callibration leg". This will enable all cars to be in sync with our mileage calculations. Odometer readings for the answers will be scored 2 points for hitting them exactly, one point for +/- .2 miles. Teams with the top three scores will receive trophies. We will also be awarding the Season Championship trophy (even bigger!).

    Registration: Contact Linda Davidson

    Oktoberfest Car Show

    We will also have a People’s Choice Car Show on Main Street in Lovetsville, cost $10 per car. To participate, go the Main St. Gate (by the 7-11 and across from the Town Square) and tell them you are there for the car show. Ron Davis, PCA Potomac Concours Chair, will register you. To register in advance, contact Concours Chair Ron Davis at

    Offline by emailing John Eberhardt at

    PCA Potomac Drive and Dine
    PCA Potomac Rally
    People’s Choice Car Show is on the PCA Potomac Concours
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