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Thread: Northern Virginia's Do-It-Yourself Mechanics Shop

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    Now I can replace my clutch and flywheel.

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    Did this place go out of business? Their website is down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fmcfad01 View Post
    Did this place go out of business? Their website is down.
    That is correct.

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    Balls. I need to move back to Philly so I have a shop at my disposal again.

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    Around the corner..

    There's a similar place something like a half mile away at "SportsCar Shop Inc."

    The pricing structure is a little different, and it could be cheaper or more expensive for you, depending on how you use it. It's a $20/month fee for membership, then $12.50/hour for lifts and "Level 1 tools".

    I haven't used it yet, but I've been meaning to try it.

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    Actually, people may like this place. Scott is the owner and this shop is actually a regular mechanic/body shop. There are certain hours you can come in and work on your car, and weekends have to be by appointment only. Sundays are almost a "no way, jose!". Renee, the master mechanic at the DIY garage before it closed, is now working there as well. I believe he only works on some weekends, but may not be available during racing/FATT/HPDE season.

    As far as expense, it could be more expensive if you don't have your own tools, especially specialty tools like Sanders, Buffers, air hammers, air ratchets, torque wrenches, impact guns, MIG/TIG welders, paint guns, etc. The cool thing, however, is that he has an alignment rack that is pretty killer and even has corner balancing scales as well.

    The paint booth is a pretty state of the art booth and the baking function is pretty awesome. The shop is also very clean, and even has a wash bay. Not as many lifts as the DIY garage, and you're kinda stuck in a first come, first serve environment, but it is a great place to work on your car, IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bimmer325imt View Post
    Hi Bimmerheads,

    I really miss the chapter DIY since relocating from MD to Arizona. The chapter here is not advance as the ncc with only 850 members and one has to look for them. Their socials are very week and meetings especially board meetings happen once a year(elections). So my wife and I who sat on the DIY committee for the chapter were looking for a place that would allow you to work on your car. Just recently we found a place like DIY Mechanics. It is called U fix it. I have used it twice: 1. for oil change and 2. for drive shaft repair on center support bearing. Next best thing as well as an alternative besides chapter DIY. I the only slight issue you may run into is when the mechanic should be involved while your are on your DIY. With the chapter DIY you do not have to worry about that. If you cannot wait for the chapter DIY or it is full then alternative would be a DIY mechanics. Ofcourse, there is a cost to it which you have to budget for. Out here in Phoenix this shop charges $20/hr or $100 1/2 day or $150 for full day. Seems northern Va shop is a bit cheaper...mmmmm
    you can also have other DIY guide from arizona.. here are some list of Arizona auto repair shops that could find there. you can have it repaired on arizona there are few shops that you can visit too

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    Quote Originally Posted by jstew View Post
    Do it yourself & $ave
    Northern Virginia’s only Do-it-yourself auto shop!

    Do it yourself mechanics is a complete Do-It-Yourself vehicle repair center located in Sterling, VA. Our modern facility offers you a professional clean work environment. We have professional bays, lift, tools, and shop equipment for rent by the hour, day, week or month. Each rental bay comes with a 210 piece tool set.

    We have four 2-post lift bays that can hold up to 7,000lbs, one 4-post lift bay that can hold up to 12,000lbs, one motorcycle lift bay, one low-rise lift bay holding 6,000lbs and another low-rise lift bay which holds up to 10,000lbs, and on open bay with jacks and jack stands. The facility also has a variety of different machines which include tire changer, tire balancer, engine hoists, transmission jacks, oil disposal & oil waste containers, wash up area, a variety of specialty tools and much more. There’s also free parts delivery and overnight storage. 10% off discounts for clubs members are available and coming soon is a conference room.

    We stock automotive supplies and have Alldata OEM information system to make your project a smooth and enjoyable experience.

    Our unique concept of auto repair helps you save 50% or more on your auto repair expenses. You have the option to do-it-yourself or rent a certified mechanic on our staff to assist you with the help you need.

    We welcome you to stop by and see our ultra modern facility. We are located at 21606 cedar lane, sterling, VA 20166. Our website is <link removed> and our number is 703.421.8855

    Just a little information for you, the hyperlink for your posted website <link removed> (when clicked on, connects you to an optional porn site. I didn't understand why it said if I wasn't 18 or 21 years old that I could not enter the site but I went ahead and I was expecting to to see pricing or pictures of your facility. I wasn't expecting what option of a porn site did I want to select.

    Im in not sure if anyone has brought this to your attention but from a business stand point, I hope that it is something that is or will be addressed in the very near future.

    Im im just looking to get my Corvette back on the road now that the weather is getting warmer.

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    Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
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    That place unfortunately went under last year I believe
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