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    I have been in business for myself for 10 years and have owned an auto shop before. I bought it when it was doing $150k a year and I took it to just over $1mil a year and sold it within 3 years for several times what I paid. I know a thing or two about business and customer service. What is your business experience, not counting anything your parental units cooked up?

    I'm also not trying to wrestle away your crown of "yenta know it all", but believe me when I say, if a customer acts a fool, things will not go well even with a good business.

    There are many bad shops, no question, but if you call a GOOD shop and come across as a cheap ass or a tire kicker or whatever, and you fall into a bottom feeder category, they will simply not want to deal with you again and you "get quit". It's a well known fact that senior citizens on fixed incomes are the biggest cheap skates followed closely by bmw owners. Always trying to get A grade work for 50% of the cost. You want 100% of quality, you gotta pay 100% of the price...

    Point being: the way you act on the phone will determine the outcome of the business transaction, assuming we are talking about a reputable shop. I'm not blaming the customer, but it takes two to have a successful business transaction.
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