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Thread: 04/25/2010 - Autocross School #2

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    2 has a description of the school on April 25, but, as folks have noticed, no link yet on the calendar for online registration. Oddly, the event description on has the Autocross school at Bowie Baysox stadium and not Regency Furniture Stadium as listed on this board. So, it looks like there are a couple of issues to reconcile. I'll give it another try in the morning (though I must admit to some temptation to stay up to watch the Malaysian GP at 0400). Good night and good luck to all.

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    I don't see the 25APR entry at all, even after refreshing the page numerous times

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    Try clicking on the number "25" within the calendar view. That will pull up detailed descriptions of the events scheduled that day, including the school.

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    Yes it comes up that way for me, Baysox as well.

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    Hm. It doesn't seem to come up for me at all either...I hope that through all this I can still get into the school.

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    See it now, no register link though.

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    Yep... I've been here waiting since 11:59, and no link.
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    Great - just completed the registration (and for the May SP DE too!)

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    Yes, it is working now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VAcurler View Post
    Yup...time to register for the 05/22/2010 - Driving School @ Shenandoah and hope the AutoX school still has slots tomorrow.
    Welcome to the board, VAcurler.
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    There Are Still Spots Remaining, NCC Members, Act Now! Open Registration Starts Soon.

    Thanks to the larger format for our second autocross school, there is still space available. We encourage all NCC members who may be thinking of joining us for the autocross school to act now, as we will open registration to members of other clubs soon. At that point, space is no longer guaranteed for NCC members.

    This is a great chance to come out and learn about autocross, and have a great day of driving with your NCC Autocross instructors!

    So, just in case you missed it the first time:

    The Essentials ...


    Please register using DLB Racing here: (

    Registration will open Sunday, April 4th, at 12:00 AM EDT. (Saturday's Midnight)

    Our Autocross Schools are generally for those who have not campaigned in a full season of autocross, or who have never been to an autocross school before. Therefore, we will host a staggered registration period:

    04/04 - 04/10: First Time School Participants, BMWCCA Members Only
    04/11 - 04/16: First Time School Participants, Non-Members Permitted
    04/17-04/23: Repeat Participants

    Attendance at the school is via online registration ONLY. No Exceptions! Prepayment of admission is required. Registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable.


    Sunday, April 25th, 2010


    Regency Furniture Stadium
    The ballpark is located in Waldorf - St. Charles just south of Billingsley Road, the new East/West highway connecting US Route 301 and MD Route 5.


    $60.00 - BMWCCA Members
    $80.00 - non-BMWCCA Members
    Mike R.
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    formerly: 2005 Z4 3.0i

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    Do drivers need to have their own helmet for autocross school #2? I'm sure the answer is yes.

    Reason I ask is bc I'm looking into buying a used motorcycle this summer (which sellers tend to include their helmet in the sale) and don't want to buy a helmet for autocross now only to replace it with a helmet when I get my bike.


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    I have the helmet requirement question concerning the school per se, too. I'm pretty sure it's required for the regular AutoX however....George
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    Helmets are required for all autocross events (including schools). However, we do have a limited number of loaner helmets available for those people that don't have their own. Just keep in mind that these are shared throughout the event which can become interesting if it's nice and hot out.


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