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    Bimmer Rentals

    so, unfortunately, i myself don't own a bimmer, but my boyfriend fact, his whole family drives them. i thought it would be a nicegift to be able to rent him a really nice bmw for a weekend, but i'mhaving a little trouble locating any specialty auto rental places. anysuggestions? alternately, what do you infact get for a bimmer lover?any other suggestions? i've already got wheels, muffler, and wet sandcovered...thanks for your help and suggestions!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bimmergirlfriend
    alternately, what do you infact get for a bimmer lover? any other suggestions?
    A Porsche.


    What about a day at the track like a FATT at Summit Point (HPDE-high performance driving ed)? I think they're like $195.
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    There is a place called
    Never used them, but they rent BMWs.
    Or for $500 he can throw around an M3 and M5 all day long at the BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg.,190,0,0,1,0
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