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Thread: Change Belts on e46?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ventsyv View Post
    When I changed my belts I did not change the pulleys and of course they became noisy a couple of days later. I think maybe it has to do with the new belt being tight or something.

    What year is you car? How many miles ?

    For E46, you can get the reflection pulley, but the tensioner pulley is not available if you have a mechanical tensioner and the one for the hydraulic one does not fit. (I tried and got it melted). You can't get the mechanical tensioner either (at least not from BMW) since they "updated it" with the new hydraulic one.

    If you don't want to spend $200 + on tensioner, here is where I got a mechanical one:

    I only replaced the accessory belt tensioner - I figured the AC works only during the summer so it should last twice as long

    No noise or problems of any kind - some 3 months later. I'm only doing filters and tire rotation so I can help you out. I have tools also (wrench for that big lug).

    What year is you car? How many miles ?
    Thanks for the advice about those pulleys! Mine is 2001 should be a little bit less than 120 000 . Wow, thanks a lot for offering help, I am sure I will need some. However, I have registered for 2/27 event this Saturday. My mechanic told me in December that I needed to change the belt(s?), so I decided not to wait until March I wonder if I can found out whether I need this tensioner before I go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by prentissra View Post
    For mduhovich - go ahead and sign up for an event. Belts are not hard. The hardest part will be removing the fan since you have an auto. I would replace both belts since you will have everything apart. BMW sells the belts for under $45 (i think) and you will get a discount. Other sites have them as well.

    Some of us have Bentley's manuals that we bring with us to the events, but I would highly recommend buying one on Amazon - it is $75-80 and well worth the price over inferior auto repair manuals.

    Welcome to the DIY program. This is how we all started.
    Thank you! My driver side window regulator has just failed the other day (haha, it happened to me already 4 times with 4 other bmws), so I am already planning attending the next event after I get the belts changed.

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