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Thread: DIY#12 at Convenience Car Care

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    DIY#12 at Convenience Car Care

    Thanks to all that participated and helped out at CCC this past weekend. Please take a moment to provide any feedback, comments and suggestion you may have.

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    Talking Two Things

    One Thing: Thanks to Andrew (and Mark) for running a productive DIY...kudos (per usual) to the CCCenter gang as well for their great facility and helpful staff.

    Two Thing: I have a new car!! Yes, my 2005 ZCP M3 feels like new, or at least "different." Along with my main job of renewing the brake fluid with Ate Super Blue, I took out the clutch delay valve (CDV) and replaced it with an "open line" CDV sourced from Zeckhausen Racing ( I can hardly believe the difference! Now my car shifts smoothly as can be. I can hardly get a jerk or surge...especially at high RPM shifts. I'm impressed.

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    I second the thanks to Andrew for the DIY planning and Mark for all the help on the car, I had the green 323.

    Jim, glad to hear the CDV delete was so succesful, and that is one beautiful M3!!!

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    The ultimate driving machine's ultimate diy

    Many thanks to Andrew and Mark for making this happen. I can't thank Timmy and CCC enough for letting us use the shop and providing the expertise to make sure we did things right.
    - John
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