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Thread: Burglars are targeting BMW parts in West L.A.

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    Burglars are targeting BMW parts in West L.A.,1893717.story

    Yes, yes, I know it's California. I just found some quotes interesting, even amusing:

    "This is the first time I have heard about this and there hasn't been any discussion about it as far as I know," said Delight Lucas, president of Los Angeles chapter of the BMW Car Club of America. Members of the club tend to be especially protective of their vehicles, she said, so that may explain why they have not fallen victim to the crime spree."


    "The BMW bandits, he said, "have a very unique method for entering the vehicles," and because of their speed have yet to be spotted by passersby, he said. "BMW aren't easy cars to get into."


    "...more than 50 BMWs in recent months, making away with expensive auto parts but leaving behind cellphones and laptop computers."

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    I wonder what someone might find interesting to steal in my E39...the broken cupholder maybe? the pixel-missing stereo display? the cassette player??? I think I'm safe

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    A few years back, a buddy of mine had an M3 and lived in western AA county. Woke up one morning and went out to his car to find that his front and rear bumpers and the side vent grills had been stolen over night. Very sad. Not sure if those criminals were ever caught.

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