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Thread: Brake dust wax repellent?

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    Brake dust wax repellent?

    Does anyone know the actual name for this? I was listening to the "The Sports Junkies" this morning and they gave a dealer a shout-out about this product. But I missed the beginning of the segment.

    Does anyone know anything about this and does it actually work? Or is it just a hack product?

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    "Wheel Wax" is one brand.

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    I can't imagine this stuff would work any better than any good quality auto wax and regular cleaning. What I have found to work well is removing my wheels at least every six months and machine polishing them followed by a good coat of qualtiy wax. Pay close attention to the hard to reach areas and behind the spokes. After each washing, wipe them down with a good detailer (I love Gliptone) or a spray on wax to keep a good wax coating. Griot's also sells great long handled wheel brushes that do not have wire in them to scratch your wheels. These brushes are great for wide wheels and make it much easier to clean the wheels to the inboard side. If you remove your wheels for any other service, give them another good cleaning inside the wheel and another coat of wax. I also do not use wheel cleaner to strip the wax. No need if the wheels have a good wax coating.

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    I'm sure the Junkies were referring to Wheel Wax- it's carried by BMW of Sterling, although they were talking about the Fairfax dealer. It's really no better than any other wax. Rejex is a better product at sealing/repelling. You should also consider using a sealant - lasts longer than a wax.
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    You guys are wonderful! Thank you for the guidance and ideas.

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