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Thread: Finding history on my BMW

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    Finding history on my BMW

    I have a 2002 330cic purchased used (11,000 miles) from a local guy who bought the car new from a New York dealership. It's a Canada spec car that was special ordered and seems pretty uniquely equipped. It has M-Technic front and rear bumpers and skirts (just like the 2005 aerodynamic/performance package), real carbon fiber interior trim (without glossy finish), M door sills, M steering wheel, m pedals, m double spoke wheels, shadowline trim, tinted windows, clear turn signal lenses. First owner says he bought it off the lot equipped as is. Dealers and BMW North America have the car's VIN in their database but have no detailed information about it. Dealer says warranty is normal but no free service. It has the sport suspension but I don't know if its any different than the sport suspension on my wife's 2003 325ci sport package coupe. How can I find out more about it? Doesn't the factory keep records by VIN of how a car was equipped/built? Thanks!

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    Try calling 800-831-1117

    -- Jason

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    Call the dealership in NY where the car was serviced...

    ....They'll be able to give you the service scoop if they're cooperative. If they buy you're story, they can print it out and fax it to you. This is what I did with my 2000 M5. I saw it being offered with a deep discount in Texas off a non-BMW lot, and was able to get the sales guys to give me the original dealership name. From there I was able to get the full warranty repair report, which gave me the confidence to buy the car.

    Good luck!
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