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Thread: Kudos for Aug 1 DIY #13, Russel BMW

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    Smile Kudos for Aug 1 DIY #13, Russel BMW

    This was a really, really useful day for me. I'm not going to mention any names (other than Phillip's) because for sure I'll forget someone, but just want to say "kudos" and thanks to our folks and for sure to Russel BMW. The chance to have a full shop, lift, attentive tech help, OEM BMW parts support for the esoteric pieces I needed, and computer access to "how to" picture instructions, not to mention coffee, donuts, lunch and car-focused comradeship...well, it doesn't get any better. I got my jobs done, learned a LOT, and came home a super-happy camper. Thanks to all.

    PS: Yes..."Russel" with only one "l."

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    +1 great DIY session at Russel BMW, got to replace my brake pads, drain, fill and bleed the brake fluid and replaced my fuel filter.

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