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Thread: e30 control arm help

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    e30 control arm help

    i'm planning on swapping out the control arms on my e30 and have a question. how do you access the nuts that secure the inner ball joint? on the right side of the car, the nut is sort of blocked on the top by a bracket for the motor mounts, which makes zapping it off with an air tool not an option. getting to it from the bottom of the car is kind of easier, but there isn't enough room to get a 22 mm wrench in there to turn the nut. i guess if i could find a short (length wise) 22 mm wrench, i might be able to turn it. but i haven't seen them in any tool catalogs.

    any ideas?

    thanks much,

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    I've got a shorty craftsman 22mm that I just jumper another wrench onto to get leverage. Aim it towards the rear of the car and crank. It just takes time, but it's fairly easy.

    You can pull all kinds of crap out of the way to try and run an extension and universals from above, but I think that's too much of a PITA.


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    We did both from above. But an 4cyl engine is also obviously smaller than a six, and maybe the space is significantly less.

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    i wish i could do this nice and easy. i will be posting some pictures here and make a do it yourself guide so every e90 users wont be having much worries in doing this kind of stuffs. maybe on weekends i will be able to post it already. sorry for digging this one i just wanna contribute. i am also looking for some guides but looks like i can contribute few infos in here as well as images for Control arm bushing diy guides
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