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Thread: (2009) NCC Autocross Event #5 - August 8 @ Sykesville, MD

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    Quote Originally Posted by m3chaser View Post
    I couldn't get anything going and my first run was my best HA! I was a bit frustrated to say the least and I consistently sucked today.

    Also, My father-in-law and I wanted to publicly apologize for the incident after the event was done and everyone was just doing fun runs. I sincerely hope we didn't offend anyone. I know time constraints on the event were a big deal and the issue at the end of the day caused us to go past 4:30pm, so again we are really sorry about that.

    Jonathan and Katie, I wanted to stay and make sure everything was ok but we had to go to the autoparts store and didn't know how far away any store was or if they were closing soon or not, so if I left abruptly I am truly sorry.

    Anyways, I hope we didn't leave a bad taste in anyones mouth and we really appreciated your patience with us.

    Thanks to Woody for letting me ride with him and to Craig for riding along. If I could have put into action what they were telling me to do I would have had a better time for sure.
    Sorry I made you slower! Your FIL was a'd you guys get it going again?
    Car54 ...well, now Car52

    Craig Brickner

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    I'd like to thank Greg, Joe and Craig for showing me how it's supposed to be done. I'm still the last in my class but I'm closing the gap.

    Here are the videos (sorry, no audio -- external mic was acting up):

    Run #2 with Joe instructing
    Run #3 with Craig instructing
    Run #4 all by my self

    Jim, thanks for the coffee and the cleaning advice.

    Alex, you could have fooled me when you said you just learned how to drive stick. We won't mention that thing you did ...

    Anthony, nice car. Is it for sale?
    Mike, 2005 E46 M3 ZCP SMG, 2005 E46 325xiT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Car54 View Post
    Just curious, what was your worker assignment?
    Didn't get one. I left after group A completed.

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    Great first experience

    Thanks to all who work to put on the event. This was my first autocross and won't be my last. It took two runs to get a handle on the course but my last two runs were better than I had hoped (48 seconds and change) and I really got a chance to feel what the 335i can do. Some new rubber (other than the factory run-flats) is in order soon.

    I've got the bug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedMS3 View Post
    Great day! It was fun to help out and I hope to do it again sometime. I may not be at the next 2 events, but we'll see.

    Shout out to Pete, it was fun to ride shotgun during your second run. Learned a few things in the process, too.
    Glad I could help. I thought my lines where good but the tires just didn't hold up like they did at the beginning of the year. I tried to mess with tire pressures a bit to help the balance of the car but gambled incorrectly on my last run. I finally got the rear end more neutral but gambled on the front air pressure and lost grip up front so the car pushed harder on corner exit and cost me a bit of time. Hopefully, next time I'll be a bit closer to the right pressure set up as the tires where very different in the warmer weather than in the beginning of the year and what I had for grip last year.

    I'm always happy to give rides. The course was pretty challenging, those darn U turns and the skid pad where tough if you made a mistake on your braking or turn in.

    Over all a good day,

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    Here is my first run: 41.504 where I hit a cone after the finish. It is entertaining at least.

    I thought we all did a great job today - Thanks to the unsung heros that showed up early and stayed all day to make sure we got done.

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    Loved the Cobras

    Got a nice shot of one

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    Noel great job on that run too bad it didn't count, you were super smooth on the wheel throughout and good lines through the whole course. I was glad we finally got a chance to swap cars, once again we very close time wise and have similar driving styles but from looking at the video your inputs seem smoother.

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    Big thanks to the NCC group for a fun event! This was my first time running w/ you guys and I had a blast.

    Here's a vid of my 37.533 run if anybody is interested....
    Wade Chamberlain

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    haha. Great run Wade. I think you were at full throttle all of 1.2 seconds of the 37 second run.
    96 328is, 99 M Coupe, 04 330Ci

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    Yesterday was my 2nd autocross and first with you guys.
    Had a great time and you guys put on a well run event!!!

    Glad I had a chance to entertain the PM run with my video camera flying off the windshield because I hit my wiper controller. For some reason on my first run I always do that.
    Just wish there was a video of it. Oh well, live and learn..........

    At least my time wasn't too bad at a 45.755. Gotta perform better on the big circle.

    Thanks again for a fun time and I look forward to returning with my 350z!


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    Car54 ...well, now Car52

    Craig Brickner

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    Fun Run Footage from Z4

    ADAM taking ALEX for a leisurely tour of the Sykesville facility.

    I think I heard her say "Adam, stop - you had me at 'autocross'"

    JAMES DUNHAM (usually drives his gray Miata)

    James and I do a lot of events together. We are always within +/- 0.5 seconds, so we decided to have a "spec competition" of sorts. It proved inconclusive since it seemed not to matter whose car we were in.. we were still neck and neck.

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    Hah I'm definitely getting better at stick! I drove home from the event yesterday :-)

    Nice video Noel! Loved riding in your car, it was fun!

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    it's fun to abu.. I mean, drive, adam's car. It'll be even better next time since now I know he has traction control and I had it on the entire time.

    oh, and THANK YOU for a new trailer.. holy hell that makes life so much easier
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