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Thread: (2009) Who Are We?

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    (2009) Who Are We?

    I'm bad with names and all that. If you're like me you remember cars better than people. Well, I thought we might put some faces and info on the cars we see at autocross by presenting ourselves a little. Pictures encouraged

    My name is Anders Skandsen. I'm part of the NCC Autocross committee trying to help out with advertising. I run a silver E30 318iS usually, but soon you'll see me in a white E36 325iS that is being built for NASA Spec3 racing. I have also brought my wife's black E39 528iA Sport. I'm a Norwegian working for the Norwegian embassy in DC.

    Pictures of me and my cars.
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    Sweet, an introduction thread.

    My name is Fred and I drive the red Mazdaspeed3 that has been hanging out.

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    I'll join, I'm Matt, 19, and my car is in my sig...Slightly modified

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    Hey, My name is Sam Bell, I drive an 86 325es for autocross duty. The family truckster is an 02 325xit. My daily driver is a 97 Ford f250 powered by biodiesel. I like long walks on the beach and puppies.
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    Hi, I am Sam, as my username states, (Sam Denny that is). I make a fool of myself in an alpine 1991 BMW 318is, it has Kosei K1 wheels and H&R Race springs with Bilstien Sport shocks.

    Here is my car:

    And here is the only picture i have of me on my computer at the moment.

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    Hi, my name is James LeCompte. I bring my red '01 M Roadster. I don't like long walks or puppies.
    That's the puppy lover Sam Bell in the passenger seat and thanks to Katie Thayer for the shot.
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    Katie Thayer...other half of Jonathan so I guess I can kinda claim the M Coupe. I don't actually drive in the autocross but I'm always there. This year I was elected to drive the trailer out to the events. I stick around all day and hang out with everyone. Oh yeah...sometimes I take pics too


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    I'm Ron Hougham. I've been driving this around in T2 this season (my first). I don't think it's plowing through a turn in this shot, but I'm positive it did shortly after. I'm the tall guy (6'7") milling around, usually in the afternoons.

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    Im Doug DuCoté, I am the Tech Inspection Coordinator, and i provide help where ever it is needed at the events. Im a software developer with a love of cars. I drive a 05 Pontiac Grand Prix, stock suspension, but that will be changing this summer.

    The Car:

    The madman behind the wheel:

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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Jonathan Thayer and I'm currently the autocross program chairman (along with many other things that I participate in with the club). Autocross, to me, is one of the best "grassroots" motorsports activities out there. To me, it's the best low cost motorsports activity with a unique social aspect. If it wasn't for autocross, I'd probably be racing lawnmowers.

    Most recognize me by my car, an Imola Red '99 M Coupe. Her name is "Mindy" and she has a personality unlike any other lady (and she definately punishes me for things I do wrong). I try my best to drive it well, but just like everyone else, I too could benefit from extra seat time. I purchased it in November 2007 almost completely stock. Since then, I've added a few go fast goodies, and it will continue to evolve. I've attached a picture to this post if you don't know the car. More about the car can be found here in our garage section:

    I work as a staff accountant for DigitalBridge Communications, an internet service provider based in Ashburn, VA. We provide wireless (WiMax) access to rural communities throughout the states. is our website if you're interested in more about what and where we provide.

    Outside of work, I'm currently completing my Masters in Science of Accountancy. If you need trouble sleeping at night, I could talk to you about the "interesting" parts of the accounting industry. Trust me, there's a reason why "interesting" is in quotations.

    Since the above two take 95% of my time, I don't have a lot of spare time to denote to things I enjoy. However, when I do find a moment of serenity, you'll most likely find me tinkering with something. I'm never satisfied with "it works", rather I want to know "how it works".

    I'm sure that's more information than you wanted to know about me. Have a great day!
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    I'm Woody Hair, and unlike Ron H, I've been doing this way too long.
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    96 328is, 99 M Coupe, 04 330Ci

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    Chris H... I've been doing NCC stuff for 5+ years; mainly autocross and Street Survival. I ran SCCA for a few years, but have only done 2-3 of their events the past couple years.

    I always have a Toronto Blue Jays hat and some type of sports jersey/shirt on at the events. I'm also usually working tech inspection. I've been running my 95 318i automatic forever, so maybe I'll try some other car one day. Maybe a manual 318?

    I love autocross, but I really want to do rallycross and w2w before I'm 30. Autocross satisfies my urges for now. I have a job that pays the bills and am a HUGE Toronto Blue Jays fan. While not autocrossing, I run, play any sport, and enjoy walks on the beach and walking my collie.

    This is my favorite pic of my car: Hoosiers and a roof rack are a great combo...

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    I'm George Karikas. Live in downtown Baltimore and I autocross this e34:

    I an Engineer for an Audi company. I can get pretty prices on many BMW parts. Let me know if you need anything as I'd be glad to assist.

    Can't wait for July 11th.
    '94 e36
    '89 e24 Turbo
    '87 e24

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    Dude: Noel Leslie
    Car: 2004 BMW Z4 3.0 (bought two years ago)
    Performance Modifications: strut tower brace and recently added H&R sway bar kit
    Paid for by: Southwest Airlines (work as pilot)
    Aspirations: to do well in law school this fall (evening program)

    Picture: Left to right from NYC Vision Walk: Sister Iman, Bimmer (Rosana named him.. really), me (Noel), Wife Rosana, Sister Joslyn

    Car: (last year's pic)

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    I'm Ethan Blank, started Auto-X last year. It's been an amazing experience, on all levels. Becoming a better driver, having a lot of fun, learning a ton about all kinds of things, and meeting a lot of great people.

    I started Auto-X in my E90 335 last year, but since I am also doing HPDE events I decided to switch for both Auto-X and HPDE to a Miata. Lots of great advice from many people contributed to that choice.

    Although I'm not a pilot, I am a lawyer and do a lot of work financing aircraft (and other equipment), including representing an airline. I work out of Baltimore. My family and I moved here about 2.5 years ago, and it has been a great move in all respects. We picked Columbia for our home, and that also was a choice we are very happy with.

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