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Thread: (2009) Who Are We?

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    I'm Bogdan! I autox that loud, white, E90 M3 that you see running around most of the day.

    I conduct the driver meetings and worker assignments for the events. I've been doing the autocross thing for about 6 or 7 years, mostly with the BMWCCA.

    During the day, I can be found at Passport BMW writing service. If you ever feel like your job is not providing you with enough stress and gray hair, let me know... we can switch.
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    I'm Pete (see Sig), former NCC Autocross chairman. I drive a 99 almost stock (Only mod: Exhuast) 911 (see below). I have been autocrossing for the better part of 8 years now and got my start with NCC and MCSCC (the now defunct Metro Council of Sports Car Clubs) and also did several seasons with the SCCA in my 98 BMW 323is which I sold a few years back for my first 911.

    You can find me at the autocrosses when I'm not driving usually heckling the drivers on the PA. I also help out where ever needed and generally support the Committee where ever I can. I show up for set up and stay for tear down because I know how difficult running these events are and the chairman can use all the help they can get.

    I too like long walks on the beach, walking my Jindo/Lab mix.
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    I'm Captain Slow and I drive a 99 328is with coilovers, camber plates, and that's it. I've been doing this for about as long as Pete (above). My first event was a NCC event at Rosechunk where nearly every driver was off course more than half their runs. I briefly competed in SCCA and MCSCC but had the most fun at the NCC events. I have helped out with running timing, registration, results, course setup, pretty much anything and everything really.

    Currently I'm a researcher at the University of Maryland where I am working on my masters of Public Health with a specialization in environmental health. I also teach tennis and compete on several teams in the area and play basketball twice a week all while keeping my girlfriend and baby entertained.

    Long walks on the beach are for sissies! I take short walks on the beach so there's more time to drink at the bar by the pool where all the hotties are.

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    Hi everybody, nice thread, I'm starting to get to know some of you guys but look forward meeting more! My name is Bobby, I drive a Blue E46 330Ci, and I currently live in Silver Spring while working in College Park. Also, for the record, I am planning on taking some road trips this summer, just for the drive. PM me if anyone is interested!

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    Very nice thread.
    "Everyone should believe in something. I believe I'll go fishing."
    2005 330 CiC

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    I'm Nick, I drive the silver 1996 Infiniti I30. I've done a few SCCA events/schools in the past but this year it's all NCC events for me. My car is only really competitive in the rain, so if you see a guy get real happy when it starts to rain, it's probably me

    ---------------2009 XS 2nd place, 2010 X3 3rd place, 2011 X3 Champion---------------
    --------------------5-speed, Full DE-K Swap, 205 whp 199 wtq SAE----------------------
    -----------------Enkei RPM2-235/45/17 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 & A/S+-----------------

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    I'm Mike. I'm terrible at autocross and I love every second of it.

    Me and my favorite toy. Understeer be damned.
    Mike R.
    2002 M3 - ultimate driving excuse
    formerly: 2005 Z4 3.0i

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    I'm James, I drive a 2006 Mazda MX-5 with Racing Beat: springs, Muffler, mid-pipe and CAI, Bilstein: HD shocks, RX-8: sways and Mazdaspeed: FSTB.
    I work as a mechanic on the Presedential fleet Gulfstream aircraft at Andrews AFB.
    I autocrossed a couple of times in the 90's with my RX-7 and Miata, but started back into 4 years ago when the BMW club was having events in Manassas. Been going to more and more autocrosses every year since, just don't know if I can afford tires to go to many more in one year.I also go to Mazda club events, but really enjoy the total experience at the BMW Club, especially when Pete is behind the Mic. You guys really know how to make things enjoyable even when it's 100 degrees out there, a class act IMHO.

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    My name is Phil Yates. I usually drive a 2002 BMW Z3. Sometimes you'll find me in my 1980 VW Scirocco. I've been helping Anders with trying to promote I've been autocrossing for about 6 years now and yes, I should be better!! I run with NCC and Autocrossers Inc. primarily but sometimes run with other local clubs as well.
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    Hi all, I am Emir. I first read about autocross on Grassroots Motorsports Magazine and tried it for the first time with NCCBMWCCA in 2007 (it was still at Ripken). I drive a silver 330Ci (see the picture attached). I am an Internal Audit Manager for Marriott International so I travel about 30% of my time. Because I have to travel a lot for work I've only been able to go to a handful of our autocross events within the last three years. Hopefully I can go to more events since I am still slow and I don't go to events with any other clubs. Other than driving and fixing my car, I play golf a little bit and try to do a lot of DIY fixes around the house. Oh, I am also a CPA so I am sure Jonathan and I can talk about a lot of "interesting" Accounting stuff ...or not.
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    I'm Paul Przyborski. I'm a web developer at NASA Goddard, and I have been autocrossing for the better part of five years. Anything from turbo Hyundais, SRT4s, borrowed Cobra replicas, and my 318ti. I'm also the worker chief for the races at the Cumberland airport.

    This is my ti that my girlfriend and I co-drive:

    And the C-Prepared project car:

    Paul P.
    <del>1996 318ti M-tech</del> - Messing around in FSP until the CP Camaro is done.

    Help Stop Lung Cancer
    Maryland's Premier Autocross Team

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    Hey All....I'm Craig Brickner and I've been doing NCC autox events since '06 since former NCC President Rafael Garces was a HPDE instructor and recommended it to me. Since then I've been hooked and incrementally been more and more involved. I do have a conflict though, and that's track events. It seems that it takes priority over autocrosses. I currently drive a '99 Mcoupe with several mods that improve handling, braking, and safety. I am functioning as NCC AX Registrar but admit that it's a very involved position that our Chairman makes look easy. I hope to get better at it as time progresses. Oh, I'm married and we're expecting out first autox' September. My abilities to participate are subject to change in the near future.

    Here are a couple of pics:

    Car54 ...well, now Car52

    Craig Brickner

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    Hi, I'm Brad and this is my second year autocrossing. My initials are BMW, otherwise I would drive a... well, I would still drive a BMW. I will always have a pink polo on for any form of motorsport. My car is the stock+tires blue 330Ci slushbox convertible, a decision I absolutely regret and will rectify next year with a Z4MC, understeer be damned. I'm a consultant; I hate long walks on the beach, because that is all time I could have been spent working.

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    hello all,

    gina here. Click image for larger version. 

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    i've been a cca member for a couple years, but other than chapterfest last year, this is my first year doing motorsports. i've only made it out to autocross once so far. i got ill the night before the autox school, so now i feel ill-prepared for autox. people tell me to come out anyway because it will help me with my new love - driving schools.

    i've gone to 2 (summit and shenandoah) so far, and i'm registered for 2 more, VIR (north) in july with the tarheels and then oktoberfest for 2 HPDS days. i can't seem to get enough. i might sign up for one more, VIR (full) in september.

    during the day i'm a software engineer for a small gov't contractor that builds military flight simulators. at night i game (mostly online RPGs, but right now i'm playing Soul Calibur IV) and watch anime (or asian dramas).

    nice to meet everyone.

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    Hi my name is BOB HAUSMAN, i drive every BMW I can find at CRAZY RAYS junk yard, or any other car I can find on my Turbo Miata with a Volvo intercooler. You can also see me run an "A" mod car that I built with left over BED FRAMES

    I love the WOMENZ and they love me, especially Jason Becker's girlfriend she always says hi to me....

    I am usually wearing jean shorts and a dirty white t-shirt....hey I do my own work. I refuse to dress like NICK RUBENSTIEN in dress paints, polo shirts, and sunglasses.

    When I am not autocrossing I am usually on a cruise chasing all the young girls on the topless deck. There just shy.

    I can't stop laughing...LOL!!!! I am sorry Bob! I couldn't resist!

    Sorry guys my name is Jason Becker and I drive the "other supercharged imola Mcoupe". But I am Bob's protoge...LOL!
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