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Thread: Marque Madness at VIR

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    Quote Originally Posted by Car54 View Post
    I saw Joe Wozney taking pics at Oak Tree. He's a club organizer for Mercedes. Check their forum.
    Sorry. I went to their Photo Albam. No pictures from MM4, but you can see pictures from their 2003 Picnic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by e30m3sm View Post
    Steven and Woody: I am sorry I missed you guys on Fri. I got in at 5 pm for the MazdaDrivers event and did not see any of my Bimmer bretheren.

    The MDA event went well and we were incident free. The Grand East is one of my favorite track.

    Gerry Chan
    Gerry, this is really late, but I want to thank you for the superb instruction you provided for me at the Summit Point driving school on 30 & 31 May.

    Bob Urdal

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    Bob: It was my pleasure. I have as much fun teaching as you guys have driving. Glad I could help and I hope to see you out at a future club school.
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    Marque Madness Pictures Posted

    From Joe Wozney of the Mercedes Club. He also wanted to mention the Mercedes Club is hosting a drivers school on the Shenandoah Circuit July 25-26.

    I hope you enjoyed Marque Madness IV. It turned out to be a great event, with "almost" perfect weather.

    Photos of the event -- mostly taken at Oak Tree -- have been posted to my Picasa site. The shots have not been color corrected, brightened/darkened, or cropped. They are not sorted by car so make sure you check them all for you and your car. The weird lighting conditions on Thursday caused my meter to go crazy so I'm not thrilled with some of the earlier shots or the ones that were set under the tree for a given lighting condition, only to have it change with the few, but thick, clouds that appeared on Friday. I did try a few experiments with a slow shutter speed to get a blurred motion look -- they might not be to your taste if you want your car to be "crisp."

    I will try to accommodate your requests for full size copies (most are near 5 MB each). I can email one to three. If you want more photos, I'll probably have to put them on a CD and mail them to you, as attaching them to an email one at a time is a pain and very slow.

    I have a lot going on over the next few weeks and will respond as time allows. You can check them out at <>. Make sure you look at both Set 1 and Set 2 -- a total of nearly 900 shots.
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    Awesome pic!

    You need a poster size of that one!
    Car54 ...well, now Car52

    Craig Brickner

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    Looked like only BMWs attended that weekend.
    And mostly M Coupes.
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