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Thread: DC Parts Prices

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    DC Parts Prices

    I was looking for prices for coil boots for my '97 M3. Results are below:

    VOB - $23
    Tisher - $11 (online) - MSRP - $13
    Pelican - $7
    Eeuroparts - $5

    I have used Eeuroparts for many years for Saab parts, and this is the first time I've used them for BMW parts. They are in Connecticut, and anything your order on Monday usually gets to you on the Tuesday UPS delivery.

    Saab people have known for years to stay away from VOB, and I guess the same holds true for BMW!

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    You really can't compare OE to internet mailorder.
    In general Tischer has the best prices for OE.

    I stopped trying to buy parts from Volkswagen Of Bethesda when they told me an E36 instrument cluster was special order.
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